Skullspace Security CSides

Call for Additional Presentations

Skullspace is a 2,500 square foot hackerspace in downtown Winnipeg.

Our Hax festival celebrates broad hackerdom and condenses the hackerspace experience into an entire weekend.


The Saturday April 1st part of our festival features talks of general interest to a hackerspace community from 10am to 3pm and information security talks between 3pm and 6pm.

Both talk segments are a free events followed by a Hang with Hackers reception, which will be reasonably priced at $10.

We're calling this short infosec time block, Skullspace Security CSides, which alludes to it being smaller than a security BSides style event such as Winnipeg's The Long Con.

We can't match the legend that is The Long Con (last held in 2018), but we will offer a taste of casual cybersecurity content and buzzed hangout to encourage further security conference organizing in Winnipeg.

Three speakers are already lined up, but we could use one or two more depending on presentation length.

Speakers will be offered a honourium and a ticket to our evening gathering.

Remote speakers are also welcome via video conference, but we don't have a telepresence bot for the party. (yet)

To propose a presentation, email or use our Google Form

Acceptable submissions will be scheduled as they arrive, so submit right away.

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