Hax -- Hackerspace Weekend Festival


Hax is a free admission weekend festival at Skullspace. It is our annual opportunity to celebrate and promote our broad hackerspace community, which includes technologists, musicians, DJs, gamers, crafters, artists and other tinkers. The festival condenses the hackerspace experience into an entire weekend.

Hax 4.0 -- March 31 - April 2, 2023

Organizing for Hax 4.0 has started. Tentatively, the dates will be Friday March 31, Saturday April 1 (April Fools), and Sunday April 2nd, 2023.

This will largely be an in-person event, with some opportunities for remote participation.

We are currently seeking:

If this of interest, contact the organizing chair by email Mark Jenkins <mark@parit.ca> or see the organizing committee schedule below.


This is an early, tentative schedule

Friday March 31, 2022

Movie night hosted by Thor. In person and streamed online.

Saturday April 1, 2022

Saturday daytime:

There won't be an live-stream of in-person talks, but remote talks are welcome. Remote talks will be on the screen and sound system at the classroom and the co-responding video conferences will be open up to remote participation.

Saturday night:

Sunday April 2, 2022

Saturday night / Sunday Morning Hackathon Competition

Our hackathon competition doesn't have a theme, but invites you to work on your own project with the team size of your choice.

Hackathon teams will work on their project between 5pm Saturday and 1:30pm Sunday. At 1:30pm Sunday, teams will make short presentations on progress made on the projects during the hackathon period. It is permissible to work on a project that already existed prior to the hackathon, but your presentation must focus on the progress made during the hackathon period.

If you need a project idea, look at some of the programming, security, puzzle and other challenge sites that are out there on the internet or look at the bug tracker of a free software project.

A panel of judges will award the following titles/prizes based on your progress during the hackathon, at most 1 per team, in the following order of prestige:

  1. Best hack value / technical achievement
  2. Most righteous hack (social value)
  3. Best presentation

Remote participation is welcome. A presentation can be pre-recorded as long as it is delivered by the 1:30pm deadline or given live by video conference.

Overnight participation at the hackerspace itself is possible by prior arrangement

Organizing committee schedule

Participate in our organizing committee. The following open meetings are scheduled: